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Not only is this album catchy as hell, Meatbingo carves an original sound in the electronic dance landscape with hints of retro synthwave while dabbling between earlier Warp or Skam releases in the likes of Cylob, Team Doyobi and VHS Head.


Toronto-based synthwave producer and relatively new kid on the block Zayaz keeps coming with one awesome track after another. Here’s a short overview of some tracks he’s recently put out there.

Label profile: Power Lunch

When it comes to good, authentic and original vaporwave, the Power Lunch label is doing a fantastic job. Besides the pitched down and slo-mo cliche’s we’ll take a closer look (and listen) to a few of their recent releases as we highlight three stand-out works.

Bart Graft & Bubble Keiki

When two musical masterminds impact and write an album together you know something magical is bound to happen. So did synthwave mastermind Bart Graft and post-vapor prodigy Bubble Keiki and came out with this massive ambient, chillwave concept spilt album called Emerald.

Who Ha

Gusting like a tornado with a new song in his fine playful, satiric tradition, The Who Ha is back on track as the in-house jinglemeister from the Beyond Synth radioshow and continues the series with a banging new extended version.


If you’re accustomed to the scene and our blog since several years then the name Sferro must ring a bell (or two).

Gyan Rosling

Get set to go on an adventure with the Retronaut to move along on a journey to the stars and beyond. A mesmerising work of interstellar composition, executed without any haste, taking it’s time and putting you in a space of unwinding.

Carpenter Brut

Boy, it’s been a while since we’ve actually reported on Carpenter Brut. Alas, the way this act has evolved through the years has been truly remarkable and amazing. In fact, we had CB as a part of our first Halloween compilation ‘Miami Cannibal Massacre’ in 2013.


The mighty Elric rides again. This time the producer behind the Michael Moorcock inspired music project goes deeper into the epic fantasy woods and comes out with yet another brilliant work, dedicated to the sword-wielding prince Corum series.