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Altered Beast

In anticipation for the PLAYMAKER fanzine -which will have a bunch of game reviews- we wanted to talk about one of our favourite games named Altered Beast. We usually play it on the Sega Mega Drive but it’s made for other platforms aswell. NOW, RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE & POWER UP!!! Altered Beast (獣王記 Jūōki, […]

Get out of control with JOYSTIXX

Time to play the game with Joystixx. A thought-projected choose-your-own virtual reality romance serial put to music. This energetic and highly exciting Sydney based duo is a truely amazing videogame-inspired musical outfit, and this is their manifesto: “LEAVE YOUR JOYSTICKS AT THE DOOR… WE R YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM TONIGHT. JOYSTIXX R IN CONTROL… EJECT YOURSELF!!!” Playmaker got in […]

EMPIRE OF THE SUN – We Are The People

40° Celcius in Sydney. I guess we must be living in the age of Empire Of The Sun. Ah well, it’s never too hot to write about one of Australia’s most hot topics of the moment!  Luke Steele Empire Of The Sun is the new band from PNAU member Nick Littlemore and the enigmatic Luke […]

Sunset Cruisin “Hang Ten” EP

Damn it’s so hot right now! And while we’re definitely not complaining, we’re being productive, taking cold showers and listening to music in the meantime. With this heat we want to bring some attention to Sunset Cruisin, who recently released his debut EP “Hang Ten”. Sunset Cruisin is all about catching those awesome waves and having […]

Rachael Kozak Interview

As it may be cold and dark in Europe at the moment, the Sydney heat is on fully blazing mate. And speaking of darkness, we had the pleasure of talking to Rachael Kozak a.k.a. Hecate from the Zhark International label and many other projects she’s involved in. Not many (or should i state none) other […]

DoubleDenim MIXTAPE

We’re proud to present the second mixtape for PLAYMAKER. This time none other than our resident DJ DoubleDenim. She has selected a mad mix for us and it’s just a small taste of what she will bring on the PLAYMAKERS PARTY!  For those who still doubt, DoubleDenim is the new alias of Emily Hasselhoof. Hoofy […]

Flyer is here! Droon is here!

We are happy to announce the official flyer of the PLAYMAKER party. A highly exciting design by our buddy Droon!  click on the flyer to see a bigger version Droon is a freelance graphic/motion designer, a laptop musician (but the rock out kind, not the nerd kind) and a party organiser. Furthermore he claims he’s […]

TOYDEATH is Headlining Playmaker 1

We’re highly excited to announce that the legendary TOYDEATH will be headlining the first PLAYMAKER event!!! Toydeath is a 3 piece all-electronic-toys outfit based in Sydney! They have toured the world many times and are a highly respected performance band with lotsa energy and games up their sleeve.  They use childrens electronic toys to create […]