Who or what is Playmaker? Is it really a media company?

Label: We offer exclusive, physical and digital releases and distribution of synthwave and related music genres by artists whom we truly believe in. Always accompanied with great artwork, our aim is to keep a steady pace of releases, currently on cassette format but aiming on doing vinyl and other merchandise in the near future. Besides releasing music we offer licensing for film, videogames, soundtracks, commercials and jingles, via exclusive and non-exclusive contracts.

Blog: Our blog is where it all started. Back in 2009 when “blog house” was thriving the net, we started a Blogspot called Playmakers Playground to promote more obscure, 80’s inspired synthwave, outrun and chiptune music. As the Blogspot’s popularity grew, we started a Bandcamp page doing exclusive releases by befriended artists. After a few years of hiatus (2015-2016) due to various other projects, Playmaker came back to blog report on the scene in 2017.