Brat’Ya’s Desire

In fairness, calling this release synthwave would be inaccurate and doing it a great injustice. Whilst some of the familiar characteristics of the genre are present in the EP, the amount of different influences and flavors that went into Desire is astonishing. The funkier vibes of Nightwalker, for the most part, are traded off for more mellow production and vocal delivery with the exception of the track Girl which features delightfully vocoded vocals, bouncy basslines, and Brat’ya’s signature arpeggiated leads.

Vampire Step-Dad runs the NIGHT:SHIFT

With a name like that, one can expect a lot of humor in the music and there’s plenty of it in Vampire Step-Dad’s latest release entitled NIGHT:SHIFT. Hot off the heels of his excellent February release Love Bites, a dramatic love story between an immortal vampire and a very mortal human, NIGHT:SHIFT instead goes for a more thrilling 80s crime drama narrative.

Make-up and Vanity Set, a Syncro short story

A short story written and inspired by the new Make-up and Vanity Set album “Syncro” by our new guest writer Ethan Eicher.

Star Wolf: the interview

Get set for a wild and adventurous ride of epic fantasy synthwave. Star Wolf is the solo project from Visigoth guitarist Lee Campana and with the release of his cassette album we asked some questions to the intergalatic wolf-man himself.

Dan Terminus ‘Automated Refrains’ delivers perfection.

French cyberpunk producer Dan Terminus was always hell bent on creating a unique, twisted soundscape that would place him on the fringes of the synthwave movement. Landing on a lot of people’s radars with his sublime 2015 release The Wrath of Code, he immediately began crafting the sequel to his hyperactive, crushing breakthrough LP, which after two years in the making has landed on the doorsteps of eager fans worldwide. And it did deliver for me, in a lot of unexpected ways.

Betamaxx’s triumphant return

Much has been made of Betamaxx’s triumphant return after a self-imposed hiatus. The artist’s foundational contributions to the then-nascent synthwave scene are some of the more legendary pillars of the genre.

Dav Dralleon “D E P T H S”

Dav Dralleon is taking cyberpunk to the depths of existence. His haunting neo machinery is set to overcome anything in the field of destruction, anarchy and chaos. Cassettes available now via Playmaker Media.

Halloween 2017 Synthwave Slasher Round-Up

The synthwave scene truly revealed some of it’s dark side the last few years and this years Halloween releases are totally of the hook! So many, almost too many, stellar works has been released. We’re lining up for you a series of killer releases that have dropped on and around Halloween, go grab this candy!

Fear of Tigers presents Tapeworxs

Pre-orders are up for the new and exclusive Fear of Tigers album on Playmaker. This uplifting album takes you on a wild and adventurous retro trip, inspired by young Tiger’s collection of ZX Spectrum cassettes.

An early Xmas present by Alex and Playmaker

Alex and Playmaker joins forces. On Xmas day 2017 ‘X’ will be released as a limited cassette. Pre-orders to follow soon via Bandcamp.