Halloween 2017 Synthwave Slasher Round-Up

The synthwave scene truly revealed some of it’s dark side the last few years and this years Halloween releases are totally of the hook! So many, almost too many, stellar works has been released. We’re lining up for you a series of killer releases that have dropped on and around Halloween, go grab this candy!

Fear of Tigers presents Tapeworxs

Pre-orders are up for the new and exclusive Fear of Tigers album on Playmaker. This uplifting album takes you on a wild and adventurous retro trip, inspired by young Tiger’s collection of ZX Spectrum cassettes.

An early Xmas present by Alex and Playmaker

Alex and Playmaker joins forces. On Xmas day 2017 ‘X’ will be released as a limited cassette. Pre-orders to follow soon via Bandcamp.

Bart Graft drifts in a Green World Dream

Bart Graft’s latest excursions to his ambient inspired landscapes have an extra-dimensional feel to them. On his latest EP he takes us along for a transient yet ethereal journey to his own crafted ‘Green World Dream’ where he leaps us into some wonderful space vortex.

Javarnanda digs deep on Archeosynth

Full of explorations and studies in synth music, this album see him explore a multiverse of different historical events, presented in a funky, synthelicious  and cool music adventure.

DO OR DIE, an interview with VOLKOR X

Volkor X has been taking the scene by storm. After two albums, a bunch of EPs, soundtrack work and some killer remixes, we found it was right about time to ask him some questions.

Mitch Murder’s OST for ZERO STRIKE

Nobody does an interpretation of a game soundtrack better than Mitch Murder. In awaiting of his upcoming new album, Mitch treats us with a new “fake OST”, dedicated to his love for Sega games

Plaisance gets it together on ‘Complaisance’

Synthwave sailor and Playmaker recording artist Plaisance hits back on the scene with a new album, filled with oldies but goldies. Here’s a compilation (suitably named ‘Complaisance’) of all his compilation tracks.

Ogre paints ‘Murals’ with hardware

Ogre has risen to the very top of the contemporary synthwave scene in the last few years. Releasing just one brilliant and original album after another, he has become a household name when it comes to quality releases.