COMPUTRONIC sets the score!

COMPUTRONIC’s release on Timeslaves Recordings has finally dropped. A stellar release of superb arcade-pop inspired synthwave. In it’s authentic fashion, this album is carrying you on a great cloud of dreams, with influences ranging from italo, chiptune and outrun.

The Northern Lights screening Home Movies

The Northern Lights are just amazing. Such dreamy synthwave we often categorise as dreamwave, does deserve a great mention. Get set for an album full of reverberated drums and more wickedness, with synths leading you all the way to the stars.

Bart Graft ‘Faces’ a new 5-track EP

Bart Graft. To be honest, words can’t express how much we love this artist. Always delivering excellent quality and with his nerw EP ‘Faces’ he brings five tracks of that raw and uncut Bart Graft bliss, continuing on his more chilled-out feel.

Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up

Welcome to August’s Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up, week two. Here at Playmaker we always go through  various SC profiles and hand pick some of our favorite jams, released in the past week. Yes, the synthwave scene is making moves and has been releasing pure fire again this week, let’s dive right in.

Futurecop! returns to their home in Alvograth

Possibly their most relaxing work so far, the album has natural vibe throughout as it’s filled with the typical Futurecop! arpeggios, piano’s and deep basses provide a slick production.

Timecop 1983, Lovers part II

Timecop 1983, our favourite romantic retro-futuristic police man, is back with a ton of more pure, raw and uncut love. The weekend couldn’t start any better, really.

Mono Memory is living the dream

Mono Memory’s latest release “Living The Dream” is a great 3-tracker of melodic synthwave.  Opening up with the top speed vocal pop song ‘Part 1’ is just one of those amazing tracks that keeps lingering around you, Yep, that is earworm material for sure that you’ll be wanting to hear it over and over again.

Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up

With a finger on the pulse, we welcome you to this week’s Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up. Get set for a selection of killer tunes that have left a great impression on us.


Not only is this album catchy as hell, Meatbingo carves an original sound in the electronic dance landscape with hints of retro synthwave while dabbling between earlier Warp or Skam releases in the likes of Cylob, Team Doyobi and VHS Head.


Toronto-based synthwave producer and relatively new kid on the block Zayaz keeps coming with one awesome track after another. Here’s a short overview of some tracks he’s recently put out there.