Flyer is here! Droon is here!

We are happy to announce the official flyer of the PLAYMAKER party.

A highly exciting design by our buddy Droon

click on the flyer to see a bigger version

Droon is a freelance graphic/motion designer, a laptop musician (but the rock out kind, not the nerd kind) and a party organiser. Furthermore he claims he’s nothing more then a sack of blood and bones.

A lot of his work is featured in the book Pencilbreak.
Pencilbreak features 250 pages of artwork related to the breakcore scene, 18 pages of Droon and lots and lots more graphic artists, all very good and very different!

—- is coming your way!

so sad to censure this post. i’m really sorry my friend. i’m really sad about this, playmakers.

TOYDEATH is Headlining Playmaker 1

We’re highly excited to announce that the legendary TOYDEATH will be headlining the first PLAYMAKER event!!!

Toydeath is a 3 piece all-electronic-toys outfit based in Sydney! They have toured the world many times and are a highly respected performance band with lotsa energy and games up their sleeve. 

They use childrens electronic toys to create music you have never heard before! Thats right strictly toys are being used! They have collected an arsenal of toys to make any kindergarten green with envy. You will hear talking George Bush, Jesus, Barbie Dolls, Speak and Spells, Rock Guitars, Sax-a-booms, Toy Telephones and lots of other fantastic Toys! 
Furthermore they have also collected toys from their international tours and sometimes use Chinese, Dutch, German and Japanese language toys in their set. All toys have electronic additions (circuit bending) to turn them into wild and unique instruments. 
The Toydeath sound and image can simply be discribed as ‘playful’ and it’s our honor and privilege to have Toydeath performing on the first PLAYMAKER event!

Check out some Toydeath sounds!
      THE GIRL
Surf by the Toydeath website and show ‘m some MySpace love!

Skitzo Filthy Disko is having sexual intercourse on the dancefloor.

Is it times like these that make retro sex games fun or confusing?
How about some filthy games by the Austrian Skitzo Disko!
An awesome graphic/musical inferno generated by The Metatron

WARNING: For Adults Only


Copy/paste the following link in your browser and download the mix!

Skitzo Disko Vol. 5
Filthy Disko – Sexual Intercourse on the Dancefloor

01. Mr. Oizo – Two Takes It
02. Xlover – Lovesucker
03. Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned (Justice Remix)
04. Lil Louis – French Kiss (Back Up Your Conversation Mix)
05. Gwendoline – Wenn Du Wüsstest
06. Sarah Walker – Punani
07. Son Of Vader feat. Lady Clam – Gash
08. Uffie – Body Bass (Curtis Vodka Mix)
09. Scissor Sisters – Kiss You Off (Mr. Oizo Remix)
10. Trash Yourself – Touch (Sick Boy Remix)
11. Näd Mika – Too Intense
12. Grossstadtgeflüster – Ich Muss Gar Nix (Bric De Luv Remix)
13. Totally Michael – Casual Satisfaction (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
14. Peaches – Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
15. DJ Cos vs. Chique Jewels – Voll Assi, Voll Klein (18+ Remix)
16. Partyshank – Penis vs. Vagina (Lies In Disguise Remix)
17. DJ Earworm – Don’t Mess With Orgasmatron
18. Dirty Princess – Jugar Al Revés
19. Felix Da Housecat – Harlot
20. Richard Cheese – Closer

Do check out Skitzo Disko for the previous volumes and a back catalogue!


We’re happy to announce more players to the dance! Besides Toecutter, Sickboy and Discoballistic we have added DoubleDenim and the ever so wonderful Jimmy Sing to the ball. While there are still more surprises to come, nothing can stop us now from having a blasting kick-off party!

Jimmy Sing


We’re proud to present the first Mixtape in a series of many more to come. The first one is by none other than the dazzling disco superstar DISCOBALLISTIC. This set swings from retro sounding dreamwaves and Amiga game soundtracks to some heavy current dance styled bass feverish stompers! 

Discoballistic will be playing the first PLAYMAKER event in La Campaña on the 29th of Jan and will also be contributing to the fanzine! 

What are you waiting for. Playmaker is looking for TOP 10’s of any kind. If you have a Top 10 and you want to be featured in the ‘zine don’t hesitate to send us you top 10 of video games, board games, sex games, music games, sport games,… Just keep one thing in mind: “Keep Playing Fair” -PM



Some teasers and a MySpace have been made to promote the fanzine and the party. Check’m out and post’m round. keep playing fair! ;D