Altered Beast

In anticipation for the PLAYMAKER fanzine -which will have a bunch of game reviews- we wanted to talk about one of our favourite games named Altered Beast. We usually play it on the Sega Mega Drive but it’s made for other platforms aswell.


Altered Beast (獣王記 Jūōki, literally “Beast King’s Chronicle”, in Japan) is a 1988 arcade game developed and manufactured by Sega. After its initial arcade release, it was ported to several home video game consoles and home computers. Makoto Uchida was the primary developer of the game and also was responsible for the creation of Golden Axe.

Altered Beast is a side scrolling, platform, beat ’em up game that puts the player in control of a centurion who had died in battle. The centurion has been raised from the dead to rescue Zeus’ daughter, Athena. The player battles undead and demonic hordes, controlling the shapeshifting hero. He must fight through several levels in order to save the kidnapped goddess. Although ‘Centurion’ was a rank in the Roman Army, the game takes place in a setting resembling Ancient Greece, complete with gods, temples and ruined Ionic columns.

The player must battle armies of fictional and undead creatures to defeat the evil Demon God Neff, who is holding Athena captive. Along the way, the player has to obtain “Spirit Balls” (power-up orbs which increase his strength and size) from defeating white two-headed wolves (it is hinted that this wolf might be the Cerberus dog of Greek Mythology). These enable the player to turn into a superhuman (stage one: “giant man”, stage two: “superman”…). When three are collected, the hero transforms into a beast with exceptional abilities.

source: Wikipedia

check out the video on youtube:

Get out of control with JOYSTIXX

Time to play the game with Joystixx. A thought-projected choose-your-own virtual reality romance serial put to music. This energetic and highly exciting Sydney based duo is a truely amazing videogame-inspired musical outfit, and this is their manifesto:
Playmaker got in touch with them for an interview and we’re pleased to offer some of their music aswell!

PM-Who are you, what do you do, and what do you stand for?

D-Bot-O: I am Video, the Dead Beat D-Bot, Manek Deboto or D-Bot-O as I am known in 64 bit version… I am Player Zero.

Joystixx deals with all aspects of control – taking hold, being outta control and controlling others who sort to control you! But also having a fun and intense time doing so. We are player$ in the game of life and death… and we are going beyond to the next level. Plus! I get bonus points saving this girl Nuke in the end. 

N u k e 3 D :    M a n e k    i s  t h e    b l u e    a n d    i    a m    t h e    r e d ,    M a n e k    i s    t h e    v i d e o    a n d    i   a m    t h e    c a s s e t t e .   I  a m  P l a y e r  O n e .   T o g e t h e r    i n    a    3 D    f o l d    w e    a r e    J o y s t i x x ! ! ! !

PM-You’re obviousley inspired video games. What are your favourite ones and how often do you play them?

D-Bot-O: I’ve always been inspired by the story-telling and nature of video games… like comic book life taken to the next level… its really the whole William Gibson side of things… we are living in cyberpunk times… I Started off on a ColecoVision… didn’t really play the Atari that much… although I love Atari Teenage Riot… then got into Nintendo and Sega Master System… Now I love Wii – to people outside it must look like I’m having a wank… or maybe I blame the fact that I’m having a wank on Wii… haha… I hear they are making a thought-controlled Wii out next! I love Legend of Zelda best… all versions… from 8-bit to 128 bit… also Resident Evil… Old school stuff – We love Strider, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe… Been getting into the evil Microsoft’s X-Box – just completed Dead Space, working on GTA…

Nuke working for the Electronic Boutique Games corporation has been handy in giving us access to more and more gaming… Nuke what u into apart from all that?

N u k e 3 D :    I ‘ v e   b e e n  p l a y i n g  g a m e s  s i n c e  i  c a n  r e m e m b e r ,  m y   f a v o u r i t e   i s   d e f i n i n a t l y   s t r e e t    f i g h t e r  2 . . .  i   c a n ‘ t   w a i t   f o r   t h e   n e w   o n e  t o   c o m e   o u t !   M a n e k ,  w e  h a v e   t o   g o   a n d   p l a y    i t   a t   t h e   a r c a d e ! . . .  B u t   w e   l o v e   s i l e n t    h i l l ,    S a n  A n d r e a s ,    O u t r u n ,    R a d  R a c e r ,   M a r i o  Ga l a x y    a s w e l l . . . . .  t h e r e ‘ s   s o   m a n y   m o r e   a n d   i ‘ l l    r e m e m b e r   t h e m   a f t e r   t h i s   i n t e r v i e w   a n d    i ‘ l l  b e  s o  p i s s e d  o f f . . . .  B u t    i f   u   l i s t e n   t o    o u r    m u s i c    a n d   c h e c k    o u t    o u r   m y s p a c e    u ‘ l l    g e t    w h a t    w e ‘ r e    i n t o .

PM-What inspires you to be Joystixx?

D-Bot-O: Eachother. We are Counterparts – the male and female aspects of all things. Separately we are just red and blue holograms but together we become 3D. It’s a very romantic notion. Its like Voltron, and the Super Friends characters, Firestorm and the Wonder Twins! Just for the heck of it, its also like Tron and Ulysses 31!

We are the 2 controllers in the Joystixx entertainment system…

N u k e 3 D :    d e f i n a t l y    e a c h o t h e r !    U m m m n    K a v i n s k y ,    D e a d s y ,    s o    m a n y    m o v i e s ,    f o r    e x a m p l e:   K i l l e r    K l o w n s    F r o m    O u t e r    S p a c e    a n d    L i c e n c e    T o    D r i v e ,    J e m ,    R a i n b o w  B r i t e ,    T r a n s f o r m e r s   a n d    I  c o u l d    k e e p    g o i n g . . . . . b u t    i ‘ m    n o t . . . .

PM-You have a track named ‘Surf Nazis Must DJ’ – please explain?

D-Bot-O: We are big time fans and inspired by Troma movies – they truly are Movies of the Future and also the home of the Toxic Avenger (the character that is, not the artist who basically took his name and wore Sgt KabukiMan’s mask). Its like Har Mar Superstar modelled himself on porno-star and Troma star, Ron Jeremy… anyway, Surf Nazis Must Die is one of the many classic titles from Troma… we changed Die to DJ and voila… its free promotion for Troma! It gives us a chance to give back to those who gave so much to us and also just get word out about Troma… Nuke and I want to be Troma’s Official DJ team ! Nuke can you ask Lloyd if we can be? Have I said Troma enough? Seriously you all need to go to and tell them Joystixx sent u!

N u k e 3 D :    Y e s ,    i t ‘ s   i n    t h e    h a p p e n i n g ,    J o y s t i x x   w i l l b e    T r o m a ‘ s    o f f i c i a l   D J – t e a m    b e c a u s e    i    j u s t    m e s s a g e d    L l o y d    t h e n .    I ‘ m    a    p i n – u p    g i r l    f o r   T r o m a ,    a l s o    k n o w n    a s    a    T r o m e t t e ,    s o    g o    t o    T r o m a . c o m    a n d c l i c k    o n    t h e    T r o m e t t e  ‘ l i n k    a n d    c h e c k    o u t    m y    p i x    u n d e r    ‘ N u k e P u k e ‘  E m ,    T r o m e t t e    o f    t h e    C a n n e s    f i l m    f e s t i v a l ‘ .

PM-Are you involved in any other bands or projects?

D-Bot-O: Yes. Dead Inside the Chrysalis, DITC On Dex, Citizen Clone… scope ’em out on our myspace pages. Also working on comic book featuring myself and Nuke with long time friend and Sniff This magazine collaborator Spewy Chunks. You’ll be hearing more about all these in the future.

N u k e  3 D :  D e a d   I n s i d e  t h e  C h r y s a l i s  a n d  D I T C  O n  D E X  w i t h  M a n e k  a n d  s o m e  m o d e l l i n g .

PM-What’s your favourite 4 o’clock snack?

D-Bot-O: Its mostly virtual food like Health Bars, a leg of ham, hamburgers, soda-pop…

N u k e 3 D :    M e x i c a n    f o o d ,    c h i p s ,    c o l a ,    b o a r ,    t u r k e y ,    a p p l e s ,    g h o s t s ,    c o i n s .

PM-Any releases planned?

We will have a Joystixx EP called ‘Outta Control‘ out this
sometime– we are looking for labels at the moment. Our pals, Power Glove are working on a kick arse cyberpunk version of our track ‘Body Parts’We also be on the Masters of the Universe compilation.

PM-Any last words?

D-Bot-O grabs his pocket knife and etches these words into a nearby tree – “Video 4 Cassette… 

E J E C T  Y O U R S E L F ! Joystixx waz ‘ere!”

N u k e 3 D : N – J o y!

This ain’t over yet… It’s only just beginning! ;D 

We got some music of Joystixx for you to listen, enjoy and share with all your cool friends. We’re presenting you 2 original Joystixx tracks + a remix they did of ‘Woah’ by GRUM!

Joystixx – D-Beat
Joystixx – Surf Nazis Must DJ
Grum – Woah (Joystixx Remix)

…and as mentioned before in the interview by Joystixx, they will also be on highly anticipated second release of the Masters Of The Universe compilation, set to be released on Januari 27th!

EMPIRE OF THE SUN – We Are The People

40° Celcius in Sydney. I guess we must be living in the age of Empire Of The Sun. Ah well, it’s never too hot to write about one of Australia’s most hot topics of the moment!

 Luke Steele

Empire Of The Sun is the new band from PNAU member Nick Littlemore and the enigmatic Luke Steele (pictured above) from The Sleepy Jackson. They have a dreamy yet brilliant debut album out named ‘Walking On A Dream’ which has been released on EMI Australia. For this album they’ve also worked with Littlemore’s partner-in-Pnau-crime Pete Mayes, as well as Jonathan Sloan (aka Donnie Sloan) of Sneaky Sound System. It is rumoured Donnie Sloan did the beats for We Are The People.

Enough inside information. Here’s their new video for ‘We Are The People’ which has just been released and it was shot in… Mexico!

Sydney based DJ and producer Sam La More and did a great disco-club remix of this song. Besides listening to it on his MySpace, we can’t seem to find a high quality version of this. Do take a moment to check out Sam’s great remixes on his MySpace!

Instead, we found an even greater remix by the one and only Perth-based disco house producer Shazam!

      Emipre Of The Sun - We Are The People (Shazam Remix)

Sunset Cruisin “Hang Ten” EP

Damn it’s so hot right now! And while we’re definitely not complaining, we’re being productive, taking cold showers and listening to music in the meantime. With this heat we want to bring some attention to Sunset Cruisin, who recently released his debut EP “Hang Ten”.

Sunset Cruisin is all about catching those awesome waves and having a wild time! He’s possibly the most awesome dude on the beach, hanging out with Gorilla Thrilla while styling sunglasses and getting all stoked! Even if it’s cold wherever you are located right now, this EP will surely bring the sunshine right to your room!!! and remember: WATER + SUN = FUN!!!!!!!!!!


MP3s removed on request, for sale now on GHOST CAR RECORDS

Also highly recommended are the Sunset Cruisin remixes. You can listen to them on the Sunset Cruisin RMX page! Specifically Discoballistic‘s remix of Bikini Crazy. An extremly fun track that can also be heard in DoubleDenim’s mix for Playmaker.


mp3s removed on request. for sale now on GHOST CAR RECORDS!

Rachael Kozak Interview

As it may be cold and dark in Europe at the moment, the Sydney heat is on fully blazing mate. And speaking of darkness, we had the pleasure of talking to Rachael Kozak a.k.a. Hecate from the Zhark International label and many other projects she’s involved in. Not many (or should i state none) other women have quite achieved what Rachael has achieved in her carreer as a musician, label owner and cult figure. Over the last decade she has been such a productive person with a determined vision and impact.Playmaker had a small but interesting talk with Rachael about her current state of affairs. We’re also pleased to announce that she’ll be providing us material for the first issue of the fanzine. Now dim the lights and bring on some red wine and candles…

PM-How have you been?

Great, thanks…. Busy as hell and it never ends….
At least my work takes me to cool places, with really fascinating people and ever shifting environments. You know I am always up for a new adventure!!

PM-Where have you been?

Uh…Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, a Black Metal Farm, the West Coast, the Midwest, NYC, Canada, and places which only dreams can provide.

PM-Any new releases planned?

Oh yeah!

PM-How’s the Zhark label going?

Cool, got some serious shit lined up… waiting to master this next month in London…. Just you wait!!

PM-What monikers do you use and what do they mean?

Raquel De Grimstone – Cult Leader
Hecate – Cult Figure
Treachery – Cult Black Metal

PM-What collaborations are you currently involved in?

Too many to name – I will just list the people I am working with at the moment…. Bong-Ra, Christoph Fringeli as Crisis Theory, Papiro, Anders from Unleashed, Belphegor, Dan from My Dying Bride, Paul from Angelcorpse, Fredy of Zatokrev, Ladyshade, Heathenfury, AR of Abigor, Invitriol for the vids, Nahema for the legs (har har)

PM-Thanks so much for talking to us!

Cool… thanks for contacting me!
Have fun out there….!

Find more Rachael Kozak related material here!

The Fanzine Teaser

DoubleDenim MIXTAPE

We’re proud to present the second mixtape for PLAYMAKER. This time none other than our resident DJ DoubleDenim. She has selected a mad mix for us and it’s just a small taste of what she will bring on the PLAYMAKERS PARTY! 

For those who still doubt, DoubleDenim is the new alias of Emily Hasselhoof. Hoofy has been known before as MC Slurry in the almighty Suicidal Rap Orgy and is also part of the intense yoga-inspired performance band, Rancid Shit Wank. She recently formed the band Baaddd with Kake from Toxic Lipstick. Baaddd just toured China with Lucas Abela‘s band Rice Corpse, Mr.Mountain, Sickboy and Discoballistic. Furthermore she is an amazing illustrator and designer publishing fanzines and doing art exhibitions on a global level. Yes she is a busy bee, and in her free time she enjoys going to the beach and playing the Sega Mega Drive! 
click here to listen to the DoubleDenim mixtape!

Flyer is here! Droon is here!

We are happy to announce the official flyer of the PLAYMAKER party.

A highly exciting design by our buddy Droon

click on the flyer to see a bigger version

Droon is a freelance graphic/motion designer, a laptop musician (but the rock out kind, not the nerd kind) and a party organiser. Furthermore he claims he’s nothing more then a sack of blood and bones.

A lot of his work is featured in the book Pencilbreak.
Pencilbreak features 250 pages of artwork related to the breakcore scene, 18 pages of Droon and lots and lots more graphic artists, all very good and very different!

—- is coming your way!

so sad to censure this post. i’m really sorry my friend. i’m really sad about this, playmakers.

TOYDEATH is Headlining Playmaker 1

We’re highly excited to announce that the legendary TOYDEATH will be headlining the first PLAYMAKER event!!!

Toydeath is a 3 piece all-electronic-toys outfit based in Sydney! They have toured the world many times and are a highly respected performance band with lotsa energy and games up their sleeve. 

They use childrens electronic toys to create music you have never heard before! Thats right strictly toys are being used! They have collected an arsenal of toys to make any kindergarten green with envy. You will hear talking George Bush, Jesus, Barbie Dolls, Speak and Spells, Rock Guitars, Sax-a-booms, Toy Telephones and lots of other fantastic Toys! 
Furthermore they have also collected toys from their international tours and sometimes use Chinese, Dutch, German and Japanese language toys in their set. All toys have electronic additions (circuit bending) to turn them into wild and unique instruments. 
The Toydeath sound and image can simply be discribed as ‘playful’ and it’s our honor and privilege to have Toydeath performing on the first PLAYMAKER event!

Check out some Toydeath sounds!
      THE GIRL
Surf by the Toydeath website and show ‘m some MySpace love!