Brat’Ya’s Desire

In fairness, calling this release synthwave would be inaccurate and doing it a great injustice. Whilst some of the familiar characteristics of the genre are present in the EP, the amount of different influences and flavors that went into Desire is astonishing. The funkier vibes of Nightwalker, for the most part, are traded off for more mellow production and vocal delivery with the exception of the track Girl which features delightfully vocoded vocals, bouncy basslines, and Brat’ya’s signature arpeggiated leads.

Vampire Step-Dad

Vampire Step-Dad runs the NIGHT:SHIFT

With a name like that, one can expect a lot of humor in the music and there’s plenty of it in Vampire Step-Dad’s latest release entitled NIGHT:SHIFT. Hot off the heels of his excellent February release Love Bites, a dramatic love story between an immortal vampire and a very mortal human, NIGHT:SHIFT instead goes for a more thrilling 80s crime drama narrative.

Make-up and Vanity Set

Make-up and Vanity Set, a Syncro short story

A short story written and inspired by the new Make-up and Vanity Set album “Syncro” by our new guest writer Ethan Eicher.

Star Wolf: the interview

Get set for a wild and adventurous ride of epic fantasy synthwave. Star Wolf is the solo project from Visigoth guitarist Lee Campana and with the release of his cassette album we asked some questions to the intergalatic wolf-man himself.

Dan Terminus ‘Automated Refrains’ delivers perfection.

French cyberpunk producer Dan Terminus was always hell bent on creating a unique, twisted soundscape that would place him on the fringes of the synthwave movement. Landing on a lot of people’s radars with his sublime 2015 release The Wrath of Code, he immediately began crafting the sequel to his hyperactive, crushing breakthrough LP, which after two years in the making has landed on the doorsteps of eager fans worldwide. And it did deliver for me, in a lot of unexpected ways.


Betamaxx’s triumphant return

Much has been made of Betamaxx’s triumphant return after a self-imposed hiatus. The artist’s foundational contributions to the then-nascent synthwave scene are some of the more legendary pillars of the genre.

Dav Dralleon “D E P T H S”

Dav Dralleon is taking cyberpunk to the depths of existence. His haunting neo machinery is set to overcome anything in the field of destruction, anarchy and chaos. Cassettes available now via Playmaker Media.

Alex - Blood Club

Halloween 2017 Synthwave Slasher Round-Up

The synthwave scene truly revealed some of it’s dark side the last few years and this years Halloween releases are totally of the hook! So many, almost too many, stellar works has been released. We’re lining up for you a series of killer releases that have dropped on and around Halloween, go grab this candy!

Fear of Tigers - Tapeworxs

Fear of Tigers presents Tapeworxs

Pre-orders are up for the new and exclusive Fear of Tigers album on Playmaker. This uplifting album takes you on a wild and adventurous retro trip, inspired by young Tiger’s collection of ZX Spectrum cassettes.


An early Xmas present by Alex and Playmaker

Alex and Playmaker joins forces. On Xmas day 2017 ‘X’ will be released as a limited cassette. Pre-orders to follow soon via Bandcamp.

Bart Graft drifts in a Green World Dream

Bart Graft’s latest excursions to his ambient inspired landscapes have an extra-dimensional feel to them. On his latest EP he takes us along for a transient yet ethereal journey to his own crafted ‘Green World Dream’ where he leaps us into some wonderful space vortex.

Javarnanda - Archeosynth

Javarnanda digs deep on Archeosynth

Full of explorations and studies in synth music, this album see him explore a multiverse of different historical events, presented in a funky, synthelicious  and cool music adventure.

Volkor X - This Means War

DO OR DIE, an interview with VOLKOR X

Volkor X has been taking the scene by storm. After two albums, a bunch of EPs, soundtrack work and some killer remixes, we found it was right about time to ask him some questions.

Mitch Murder - ZERO STRIKE OST

Mitch Murder’s OST for ZERO STRIKE

Nobody does an interpretation of a game soundtrack better than Mitch Murder. In awaiting of his upcoming new album, Mitch treats us with a new “fake OST”, dedicated to his love for Sega games

Plaisance - Complaisance

Plaisance gets it together on ‘Complaisance’

Synthwave sailor and Playmaker recording artist Plaisance hits back on the scene with a new album, filled with oldies but goldies. Here’s a compilation (suitably named ‘Complaisance’) of all his compilation tracks.

Ogre - Murals

Ogre paints ‘Murals’ with hardware

Ogre has risen to the very top of the contemporary synthwave scene in the last few years. Releasing just one brilliant and original album after another, he has become a household name when it comes to quality releases.

Myrone - Humanity

Myrone shreds ‘Humanity’ into infinity

Buckle up for a great ride of epic grandeur because Myrone’s new, much anticipated album ‘Humanity’ is finally here and it’s a burst of pure, joyous, epic, guitar-licious bliss.

Darkstronaut - phobos EP

Darkstronaut reissues “Phobos” on Future City

This is darkwave in the witching hour. Super deep and full of merit, this EP stands out of one of our personal favourites in the darkwave genre as the EP drags you in, crawls by and gets up to speed like a demon possessed.

Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up (Aug week 3)

Synthriders, welcome and take notice of our Soundcloud Round-up week 3. This is the place where we showcase hot and new tracks in the Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun and Futuresynth scene. Yet another super excited week full of great new track so dig in and discover!

Computronic - Even the Score

COMPUTRONIC sets the score!

COMPUTRONIC’s release on Timeslaves Recordings has finally dropped. A stellar release of superb arcade-pop inspired synthwave. In it’s authentic fashion, this album is carrying you on a great cloud of dreams, with influences ranging from italo, chiptune and outrun.

The Northern Lights - Home Movies

The Northern Lights screening Home Movies

The Northern Lights are just amazing. Such dreamy synthwave we often categorise as dreamwave, does deserve a great mention. Get set for an album full of reverberated drums and more wickedness, with synths leading you all the way to the stars.

Bart Graft - Faces

Bart Graft ‘Faces’ a new 5-track EP

Bart Graft. To be honest, words can’t express how much we love this artist. Always delivering excellent quality and with his nerw EP ‘Faces’ he brings five tracks of that raw and uncut Bart Graft bliss, continuing on his more chilled-out feel.

joey tempest

Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up

Welcome to August’s Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up, week two. Here at Playmaker we always go through  various SC profiles and hand pick some of our favorite jams, released in the past week. Yes, the synthwave scene is making moves and has been releasing pure fire again this week, let’s dive right in.

Futurecop! - Return to Alvograph

Futurecop! returns to their home in Alvograth

Possibly their most relaxing work so far, the album has natural vibe throughout as it’s filled with the typical Futurecop! arpeggios, piano’s and deep basses provide a slick production.

Timecop 1983, Lovers part II

Timecop 1983, our favourite romantic retro-futuristic police man, is back with a ton of more pure, raw and uncut love. The weekend couldn’t start any better, really.

Mono Memory is living the dream

Mono Memory’s latest release “Living The Dream” is a great 3-tracker of melodic synthwave.  Opening up with the top speed vocal pop song ‘Part 1’ is just one of those amazing tracks that keeps lingering around you, Yep, that is earworm material for sure that you’ll be wanting to hear it over and over again.

Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up

With a finger on the pulse, we welcome you to this week’s Synthwave Soundcloud Round-up. Get set for a selection of killer tunes that have left a great impression on us.



Not only is this album catchy as hell, Meatbingo carves an original sound in the electronic dance landscape with hints of retro synthwave while dabbling between earlier Warp or Skam releases in the likes of Cylob, Team Doyobi and VHS Head.

Zayaz synthwave


Toronto-based synthwave producer and relatively new kid on the block Zayaz keeps coming with one awesome track after another. Here’s a short overview of some tracks he’s recently put out there.

Power Lunch Vaporwave

Label profile: Power Lunch

When it comes to good, authentic and original vaporwave, the Power Lunch label is doing a fantastic job. Besides the pitched down and slo-mo cliche’s we’ll take a closer look (and listen) to a few of their recent releases as we highlight three stand-out works.

Bubble Keiki Bart Garft Emeralds

Bart Graft & Bubble Keiki

When two musical masterminds impact and write an album together you know something magical is bound to happen. So did synthwave mastermind Bart Graft and post-vapor prodigy Bubble Keiki and came out with this massive ambient, chillwave concept spilt album called Emerald.

Who Ha Mike Mendoza

Who Ha

Gusting like a tornado with a new song in his fine playful, satiric tradition, The Who Ha is back on track as the in-house jinglemeister from the Beyond Synth radioshow and continues the series with a banging new extended version.

Sferro Rosso Corsa Synthwave


If you’re accustomed to the scene and our blog since several years then the name Sferro must ring a bell (or two).

Gyan Rosling

Gyan Rosling

Get set to go on an adventure with the Retronaut to move along on a journey to the stars and beyond. A mesmerising work of interstellar composition, executed without any haste, taking it’s time and putting you in a space of unwinding.

Carpenter Brut Live Synthwave

Carpenter Brut

Boy, it’s been a while since we’ve actually reported on Carpenter Brut. Alas, the way this act has evolved through the years has been truly remarkable and amazing. In fact, we had CB as a part of our first Halloween compilation ‘Miami Cannibal Massacre’ in 2013.


The mighty Elric rides again. This time the producer behind the Michael Moorcock inspired music project goes deeper into the epic fantasy woods and comes out with yet another brilliant work, dedicated to the sword-wielding prince Corum series.

Protector 101 synthwave

OUT NOW on Playmaker

Protector 101 ‘Dream’ — cassette edition of 50 limited hand-numbered, pro-dubbed, full-colour, yellow cassettes with 5-panel J-card and full liner notes. Including an exclusive cassette release bonus track. Order via Bandcamp, more info the link below:

make up and vanity set

Brigador, Up​-​Armored

Make-up and Vanity set has been hosting a round of great game soundtracks in the Brigador series. The latest to drop is a compilation featuring a bunch of scenesters upping the ante.

Erang dungeon synth


Another world, another time; Erang’s second offering of his series of synthwave doesn’t disappoint at all. Songs of Scars is a great ride of Carpenteresque horrorwave and takes it further where his Anti Future already album took him.

Bart Graft synthwave Go For Broke

Bart Graft

Going all the way, Bart Graft is back with a massive album, riding that Yuppiwave on an all time high.
Crunching those numbers out and making mad moolah, this is suit and tie rock around the clock.

Aloe Island Posse

Aloe Island Posse’s heavy sampled and 80’s j-pop spiked future funk might just that hidden vaporwave gem you need right now. Catch that bassline groove, you found that rhythm? Good. Banging bongos go full circle while you get looped into blissful nostalgia, accompanied by trumpet brass leads and strumming strats, twirling keys and a hint […]

Wojciech Golczewski

Throbbing it’s way through the creeper’s maze, Wojciech Golczewski brings yet another amazing score of haunting synthwave galore. Dark and fantastical, slowly but surely this deadly nostalgic album drops crescendo’s of pulsating and hair raising compositions. Get set for some serious indie horror slasherwave peaking at the witching hour, written and composed for Jackson Steward’s […]

DESYNC Soundtrack Vol. 1 and 2

Crawling through the darkness and originally written as the game soundtrack for Adult Swim’s DESYNC, this dark cyberpunk soundtrack is a fierce beast, wielding it’s sword, slaying all incoming danger and puts all your defensive senses into high alert. Volume 1, written and produced by Daniel Deluxe sets the tone perfectly with long, epic dark […]


Dark and dank sound waves come pulsating all over you like a huge piped wave rolling out of the ocean as Darkest comes back with a huge second single to his upcoming album. Oceans hits hard and thunders on the beach like a crash of stereo-surround bliss. With a hint of outrun and slow-pacing arpeggiators, […]


Welcome sportfans! Live on Mars, the stakes are high and your host Jon Beckett gets you launched into the ’88 Airgames. The stadium in packed and BOOM!— so it hits off into the stars! The whole field is transcending and goes off in exceeding glory. Beckett just hits home so hard with this anthem like […]


Feel the gentle rush of a calming breeze glide through a forest of sweeping pines as you watch the birds of prey hoover above, soaring at the dusk of day. Dreamy and haunting at times, Brombaer settles you on an amazing modern classical soundscape of flawless piano and orchestral vibes, accompanied with majestical ambient spheres […]

Project Paula

Step in to the heart of the microchip computer and recompose the matrix of the music grid. Project Paula is operated by a legion of cyberpunks regenerating those glorious sounds of the era where innovation was ruled by rad operators of the wicked machines. So, tripping out down memory lane, drift away on this lovely, […]

Mega Drive

Going extra deep this time, the Mega Drive disk is inserted and spinning at full bore again. Deep in to the ocean he delves beyond the abyss and infinity until he reaches pitch black. Atmospheric swirls surround you as you get accompanied by mysterious deep sea dwellers hailing from the depths of a the cyber […]

Hedge Wizard

It’s been a long time coming but the Hedge Wizard has returned to the kingdom. In true obscurity he now found his way through the Local Portal down Kellogg Street, citing poetic justice and doing some Sidewalk Sorcery in a truly majestic fashion. A great step from the wiz’ and he’s taking leaps of genre-defining, […]